Like a bilateral Chamber of Commerce,

our aim is to connect Turkey & Morocco and interact between continents according to the free trade agreement signed between both countries in April 1994 to boost bilateral trade and economic relations. Both countries fulfil all criteria for investors and have strategic geographical positions, political stability, infrastructures, government support also in juridical systems. The two sides have agreed on a 10-year transition period to set up an industrial free trade zone.

While Turkey offers new opportunities for Morocco to reach European markets, Morocco offers a springboard for Turkey to expand in the African and American markets.

This is achieved through the promotion and encouragement of bilateral trade, investment, promotion and cultural events. We work in cooperation with governmental institution, evaluate, analyze and match the opportunities fitting your expectations.

Our mission is to find the right project at the right time for the dynamic investor, entrepreneur, artist or organization willing to increase his activities, to expand and grow in politically stable and economically developing countries with rich history and cultures.

Combining similar cultural backgrounds we would like to express our values with a Turkish and a Moroccan proverb.

« Zaman sana uymazsa sen zamana uy »(Meaning: Create your own opportunities)

"تلتقي الرجال ولا تلتقي الجبال"  (Meaning: Meeting people has no border)



A consulting company

Dedicaded to diversify & increase bilateal relations. Originary from Morocco, the idea rased while leaving & working in Turkey to maintain selected collaborators.



Like a bilateral Chamber of Commerce

Our aim is to identify, evaluate, create and develop business opportunities between Turkey & Morocco.



With our expertise & Network we offer you personalized services

to inform, consult and develop projects with win-win effects in tourism, business, culture & arts.